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New England Boring Contractors of CT, Inc.

Services include test boring, soil sampling, rock coring, well monitoring, rock pressure testing, and drilling.

Category: Sitework - Construction


Snyder Construction Co.

Services include boring, drilling, and tunneling.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Pacific Boring, Inc.

Providing horizontal drilling and pipe jacking services to the Western states.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Miller the Driller

Providing directional drilling, horizontal earth boring and RCP pipe jacking.

Category: Sitework - Construction

United States GEOSYSTEM Software

GEOSYSTEM Software produces and sells geotechnical software for plotting borehole log/boring log, monitoring well installation and test pit logs, for reducing and reporting results from common geotechnical tests (including Atterberg limits, grain size distribution, moisture ...

Category: Software - Geotechnical Engineering
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado - United States

Offers used Vermeer heavy equipment such as ditchwitches, directional drills, trenching machines, navigators, boring and drilling machines, and more.

Category: Sitework - Construction

American Augers, Inc.

Designs and manufactures horizontal earth boring machines, horizontal directional drills, and drilling fluid mixing, pumping and cleaning systems.

Category: Sitework - Construction


Manufactures equipment used in the construction and maintenance of underground utilities, including vacuum extraction equipment, directional boring mud vacuums, and trench compaction systems.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Ditch Witch of Illinois/Wisconsin

Specializes in the sales, parts and servicing of Ditch Witch directional boring, trenching, backhoe, vibratory plow, equipment and trenchless technology.

Category: Sitework - Construction

United States RockWare, Inc.

Our experience creating geological models allows us to complete projects quickly and efficiently, so that you can focus on the results rather than learning a new software product. Past projects have spanned many industries, and ...

Category: Software - Geotechnical Engineering
Location: Golden, Colorado - United States

United States Standen Engineering Services

Geotechnical Investigations and Engineering Develop scope and procedures for geotechnical investigations including soil boring quantities, location, depth and field sampling. Specify and complete laboratory tests and evaluate results to determine recommended foundation types, ground water ...

Category: Soil Mechanics - Geotechnical Engineering
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan - United States

United States Charleston Flooring and Tile

Our specialty is creating beautiful tile, natural stone and hardwood floor installations. Our clients always have a unique vision. Let us use our experience in design concepts to turn your kitchen, bathroom or any other ...

Category: Commercial Building Contractors
Location: N/A - United States

United States Huxted Tunneling

Huxted Tunneling was established in Florida in 1977. The original focus was on Underground Utility Contracting. Soon after its inception, the company began gaining experience in trenchless procedures such as auger boring and installation of ...

Category: Civil and Roadworks - Commercial Building Contractors
Location: Palmetto, Florida - United States

United States Cool Knobs and Pulls

At Cool Knobs and Pulls, we believe that great hardware can improve your quality of life. Having the right cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can transform ordinary furniture and cabinets into an extraordinary expression of ...

Category: Cabinetry - Construction
Location: Martinsville, Virginia - United States

United States Akkerman Inc.

Since 1973, Akkerman Inc. has provided dependable equipment for hundreds of varied applications and soil conditions. We are proud to be the only North American manufacturer for our variety of equipment and a recognized worldwide ...

Category: Pipeline - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Brownsdale, Minnesota - United States

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