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Spain Danks Reed Denby and Badnell

Portfolio of residential, commercial, educational and industrial projects. Also includes profile, contacts and client list.

Category: Architects - Multi-Discipline - Architecture
Location: Ibiza - Spain


United Kingdom REC Ltd.

REC Ltd. is a consultancy whose air quality services include emissions monitoring, stack testing, and air dispersion modeling. The REC headquarters are in Manchester with satellite offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham and Braintree.

Category: Air Quality - Environmental Engineering
Location: United Kingdom

Building Air Quality

Information on a wide range of IAQ topics, including sick building syndrome, mold, fungi, air duct cleaning, ozone generators, and investigation of indoor air. Commercial site.

Nikro Industries

Offers HEPA filtration equipment and a wide range of products to clean the air of toxic or nuisance dust.

Falmouth Products

Specializes in the manufacture, lease, sale, and installation of electric catalytic oxidizers for the destruction of volatile organic compounds.

Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation

Provides radon testing and mitigation in indoor air and water in Front Range Rocky Mountains area. NEHA certified. Photos of common and alternative mitigation systems.

ATS Environmental

Underground oil and gas tank inspections, sampling, leak detection, and geoprobe services in the northeastern United States.

Remedios Environmental biosensors

Leading-edge biosensor technology to rapidly detect toxic substances on contaminated land. Also offers advice on all aspects of the development potential and value of contaminated land.

Kerfoot Technologies

Manufactures and sells remediation, monitoring and sampling equipment for groundwater and soils.

Durham Geo Enterprises

Manufacturers storm water samplers and groundwater remediation pumps.

United States QED Environmental Systems

Supplier of pumping systems and equipment for groundwater sampling and remediation.

Category: Environmental Monitoring - Environmental Engineering
Location: United States

United States SIBAK Industries

Manufacturer of unique sampling tools, particularly for sampling contaminated groundwater without introducing turbidity, causing volatilization, or requiring wells to be purged.

Category: Environmental Monitoring - Environmental Engineering
Location: United States

United States Landslide Technology

USA. Geotechnical engineering firm specializing in complex landslide evaluation, remediation and emergency response. Part of Conforth Consultants, Inc.

Category: Consultants - Geotechnical Engineering
Location: Washington - United States

United States Superstructures

Firm of structural engineers and architects specializing in the investigation and repair of the building envelopes.

Category: Firms - Architecture
Location: Baltimore - United States

Wagner Hohns Inglis, Inc.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of the construction industry concerning the time, cost, and quality of construction projects.

Stone and Glazing Consulting

Consulting services on high rise building exterior facades: water infiltration, glass breakage and recladding.

Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc.

Offers exterior insulation and finish system EIFS, water management options, cement and synthetic stucco, and elastomeric coatings.

Turner Industries, Ltd.

Provides construction, fabrication, rigging, heavy equipment, scaffolding, and environmental contracting for the petrochemical and industrial sector.

Atlas Dewatering Systems

Offers dewatering techniques for groundwater control on construction sites utilizing vacuum wellpoints, eductor/ejector wells, and deep wells.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Wilco Marsh Buggies & Draglines, Inc.

Excavation contractor. Also makes, sells and rents heavy amphibious excavators, draglines, and personnel carriers.

Category: Sitework - Construction