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Civil Industry News

Hydraulic Sales Director -
Ideally applicants would have a strong technical background in hydraulic engineering with the ability to provide engineering solutions tailored to individual customer needs. They would be ambitious, confident, self-motivated and would demonstrate ...

EPA Seeks Experts To Review Wyoming Pollution Study - K2 Radio

K2 Radio
A notice published in the Federal Register on Tuesday says the EPA is seeking panelists with technical experience in areas including petroleum engineering, hydrology, geology and chemistry. The panelists must also be impartial and not have any ...
Wyoming Business Report
Casper Star-Tribune Online

NCKU Scholars Envision Smart Cars to Boost Car Manufacturing Industry - MarketWatch (press release)

MarketWatch (press release)
Wang, hydraulic shock absorbers by Ming-Chang Shih, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and damage analysis of auto parts by Prof. Hwa-Teng Lee of Mechanical Engineering. The workshop was attended by participants from not only departments of ...

COLUMN-Have you considered a career in petro-engineering? Kemp - Reuters

FRACKING WORLDWIDE The revolution in oil and gas production brought about by hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has banished the threat of peaking oil and gas supplies for the foreseeable future. The key question is how quickly technical ...

City hires engineering firm - KC Community News

KC Community News
Ryan Scott, water supply engineer for the company, said that mouthful of “engineerese” means they plan to design a system that will mitigate the leaks by changing the hydraulic conditions and providing a backup within the water distribution system. ...

Hydraulic Engineering - Hydrology

Hydraulic Engineering - Hydrology [ 1-10 of 10]
United States Hydrocomp, Inc.

Hydrocomp, Inc. develops and distributes continuous hydrologic simulation software (HFAM) and provides consulting, specializing in hydrologic modeling and analysis. Our goal is to provide innovative methods for the management of water resources. Hydrocomp has its ...

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Menlo Park, California - United States


Canada FTS

FTS is in the business of remote data collection. We design and manufacture extremely rugged systems, dataloggers, DCPs and sensors for water quality monitoring. Our focus in hydrology is continuous instream turbidity and sediment monitoring. ...

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Victoria, British Columbia - Canada

United States Waterstone Environmental Hydrology and Engineering

The Waterstone goal is to use our specialized expertise and innovative ideas to provide timely and cost-effective solutions to the real-world technical and operational concerns of our clients.

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Boulder, Colorado - United States

United States Hoskin-Ryan Consultants, Inc.

Hoskin-Ryan Consultants, Inc. provides quality engineering, survey and planning services. Since its inception in 1995, the firm has offered its clients the specialized expertise gained by its principals from over forty years in the business.

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Phoenix, Arizona - United States

United States Speleogenesis

The scope of the Journal is Speleogenesis, the origin and development of dissolution caves. Speleogenesis can be adequately understood only within the broader context of the Hydrogeologic Setting and Evolution of Karst. In its turn, ...

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Baltimore, Maryland - United States

United States US Global Hydrology and Climate Center.

The ESO's many areas of study are closely related to each other. Like the climate and environment we study, no one aspect stands alone. Water vapor, winds, temperatures at different altitudes, lightning, aerosols, and other ...

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: New York - United States

Canada O'Kane Consultants USA, Inc.

O'Kane Consultants endeavor to apply current and innovative technology, while working closely with clients in developing cost effective mine waste management solutions that offer the greatest potential for long-term environmental protection. O'Kane Consultants also assist ...

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Canada

Australia Kehoe Myers Consulting Engineers

Kehoe Myers was formed in Toowoomba in 1990. (Formerly T M Kehoe & Associates which was established in Toowoomba in 1977). The practice provides Consulting Engineering Services to clients throughout Southern Queensland and Northern New ...

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Toowoomba - Australia

United States Drexel, Barrell & Co.

Drexel, Barrell & Co.'s "Point of Commencement" occurred when Frank Drexel, P.L.S. opened his Boulder, Colorado surveying practice for business in 1949. Our "True Point of Beginning" was July 31, 1964, when Frank joined forces ...

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Boulder, Colorado - United States

United Kingdom Lakeflow Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Lakeflow offers a range of services to pump manufacturers, pump users, OEM's and others involved with pump sales or maintenance.

Category: Hydrology - Hydraulic Engineering
Location: Oxfordshire - United Kingdom

Hydraulic Engineering - Hydrology [ 1-10 of 10]