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Greece Raycap SA

Raycap is a leading Greek company offering innovative technological solutions, services and products, primarily in the fields of telecommunications, electrical protection and energy. Raycap has subsidiaries and offices in 10 countries worldwide.

Category: Switching and Protection - Electrical
Location: Athens - Greece


Greece ForthNet.

Forthnet is the largest private broadband and satellite service provider in Greece. Its primary objective is to remain close to its customers on a continuous basis and to develop tailor made solutions. This is why ...

Category: Internet Services - Architecture
Location: Athens - Greece

Greece BIOWC

Works without water and chemicals.

Category: Modular - Building Types
Location: CERTALDO - Greece

Greece Etz-Hayyim Synagogue of Hania, Crete, Greece

The official site of this restored synagogue includes a history, description and plan, together with an illustrated account of the reconstruction.

Category: Religious - Building Types
Location: Chania - Greece

Greece Carbon Positive

Carbon Positive-In the fight against climate change, shipping has a significant role to play, despite being the world's most energy efficient mode of transport.

Category: Air Quality - Environmental Engineering
Location: Athens - Greece

Greece KAPA Ltd.

Architects and engineers engaged in public sector building, offices, multi-story parking stations, residential and country houses, apartment houses, and villas.

Category: Firms - Architecture
Location: Greece

Greece Computer Interface

Provides software for kitchen furniture design.

Category: Cabinetry - Construction
Location: Greece

Greece klimafot s.a.

Manufacturer of custom-made lighting fixtures, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, and fiber optics.

Category: Electrical - Construction
Location: Greece

Greece Anagnostaras Bros S.A.

Producers of clay bricks and roofing tiles.

Category: Masonry - Construction
Location: Greece

Greece Helmaco

Specializes in Greek marble and granite processing, cutting, and worldwide exports.

Category: Masonry - Construction
Location: Greece

Greece Ixor Home Automation EcoSystem

Automation system to control lamps, gates, switches, motion detectors, heaters, water pumps, and other systems in the home.

Category: Special Construction - Construction
Location: Greece

Greece CM Construction Management S.A.

Supplies and erects preengineered steel buildings for warehouses, industrial, and commercial buildings in the Greek and international market.

Category: Special Construction - Construction
Location: Greece

Greece Arhontis S.A.

Importing and exporting beech lumber for the furniture industry. Also in Greek.

Category: Wood and Plastics - Construction
Location: Greece

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