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Civil Industry News

COLUMN-Have you considered a career in petro-engineering? Kemp - Reuters

FRACKING WORLDWIDE The revolution in oil and gas production brought about by hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has banished the threat of peaking oil and gas supplies for the foreseeable future. The key question is how quickly technical ...

How fracking lies triumphed - New York Daily News

New York Daily News
By Robert Bryce / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Amid the ongoing battle in New York and elsewhere over hydraulic fracturing, one thing has become clear: The pro-drilling side is losing the public relations fight. Any fair-minded analysis of fracking would ...

New Klemm 708-2 rig delivered by Skelair helps Van Elle \'s projects - Construction News Portal

Construction News Portal
Supplier of ground engineering and rock drilling equipment, Skelair International recently delivered a new Klemm 708-2 rig – the first to arrive in the UK – to Van Elle, UK's independent geotechnical, piling, foundation and ground stabilisation ...

Drilling Company Dealing With Landslides - Wheeling Intelligencer

Wheeling Intelligencer
We remain committed to sound and responsible engineering practices and environmental stewardship and would like to thank the DEP for their cooperation and guidance on this matter," he said. Tonya Mather, environmental inspector for the Northwest Region ...

Shell leader expects Arctic offshore drilling this year - Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle
Mitchell's company spent years developing hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in North Texas' Barnett Shale. "The Barnett Shale became our 101 of understanding source rocks," said panelist Dan Steward, a geologist at Republic Energy. ...


United Kingdom South West Geotechnical Ltd.

A ground investigation company based in the south west of England, able to provide the full range of field work and laboratory testing services.

Category: Civil Engineering
Location: United Kingdom


United States American Drainage Systems Inc.

Install prefabricated vertical wick drains (PVD) used for soil consolidation and ground improvement. Includes information on installation procedures, applications, and machinery .

Category: Civil and Roadworks - Commercial Building Contractors
Location: Bloomfield Hills - United States

United States Affordable Concrete Cutting

Services the contractor and homeowner in and around Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, Southern Maine and Southern New Hampshire. Specializing in cutting doorways in concrete foundations.

Category: Concrete - Commercial Building Contractors
Location: Bloomfield Hills - United States

United States Cutting Technologies

Controlled demolition of concrete, asphalt, masonry, metal and stone.

Category: Concrete - Commercial Building Contractors
Location: Bloomfield Hills - United States

United States Wildon Wiring

Power line construction, brush cutting, rock drilling, overhead and underground cable installations, and off-road track equipment.

Category: Electrical - Commercial Building Contractors
Location: Malaga - United States

United States CMJ Engineering, Inc

USA. Geotechnical consultancy, focusing on soils and geology, foundation engineering, and related geotechnical and geological engineering.

Category: Consultants - Geotechnical Engineering
Location: Washington - United States

Cutting Technologies, Inc.

Specializes in selective demolition, concrete cutting, coring, and diamond wire sawing.

Category: Concrete - Construction

United Kingdom Safety Construction, Inc.

Provides barge and tug services to the oil and gas offshore industry, including accommodation units, deck barges, launch barges, hook up, offshore construction, and maintenance vessels.

Category: General Contractors - Construction
Location: United Kingdom

Paragon Steel

Structural steel distributor specializing in service and support to manufacturers and end-users in the Western United States.

Category: Metals - Construction

Schnabel Foundation Company

Specializing in excavation support systems tiebacks, soil nails, underpinning, mini piles, shot crete, landslide stabilization and retaining walls.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Dykon Blasting

Services include controlled building implosions, bridges, piers, industrial structures, reinforced concrete, and more.

Category: Sitework - Construction

U.S. Wick Drain, Inc.

Specializing in dynamic compaction and wick drain supply and installation.

Category: Sitework - Construction

American Drainage Systems

Vertical wick drain, drainage wicks, and horizontal strip drain specialty installation contractor for soil consolidation, site remediation, and ground improvement.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Major Drilling Group International Inc.

Contract drilling company whose clients include both large and small mining companies.

Category: Sitework - Construction

New England Boring Contractors of CT, Inc.

Services include test boring, soil sampling, rock coring, well monitoring, rock pressure testing, and drilling.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Avellino Well and Pump, Inc.

Ground water well drilling company. Serving New England.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Directional Drilling Contractors, LLC.

Offers directional drilling, measurement while drilling, gamma and gyro survey services, and down hole motor repair.

Category: Sitework - Construction

United Kingdom LMR Drilling UK Ltd

Horizontal directional drilling company that offers turnkey solutions to pipelines, pipeline crossings, outfalls, and landfalls.

Category: Sitework - Construction
Location: United Kingdom

DESCO International

Offers a wide range of drilling equipment and services. Also includes a message board and freeboard for posting and viewing news, specs, job openings, and more.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Taiga Ventures Remote Logistics

Installs field camps in Alaska's most remote regions, and sells environmental products.

Category: Sitework - Construction