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Civil Industry News

Living in the Cone Zone - UVU Review

UVU Review
A rare situation will present itself this spring: one whole month without construction on campus. After the scheduled completion of the Science Building construction on March 24, construction on the next project won't begin until after graduation, ...

Initiation of New Building Construction to Promote Music and Communication - AZoBuild

Pedestrian safety and accessing vehicles to the building will also be facilitated through the green space. The facility anticipates initiating its construction during May, which will be processed through three years. However, the achievement of ...
Daily Northwestern

Today\'s high school construction more customized than text book - Deseret News

Deseret News
The other is its replacement, which is currently under construction. Nine miles to the east, a similar scene is unfolding as work on the new Olympus High is under way while class remains in session in the old building. The two older buildings were ...

New construction builds interest in Brown County home expo - Green Bay Press Gazette

Green Bay Press Gazette
Evan Siegle/Press-Gazette More people are looking to build new homes this year, and the construction business is viewing that as a good sign of an economic recovery. "We're starting to see more people thinking about building," said Mark LeMense, ...

Construction changes MTSU landscape - The Daily News Journal

The Daily News Journal
An architectural rendering shows the exterior of one of MTSU's parking garages and student services building. Construction on the parking garages is expected to begin this week, with work on the student services building to start in May.

Construction - Sitework

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Construction - Sitework [ 81-100 of 711]
Atlas Dewatering Systems

Offers dewatering techniques for groundwater control on construction sites utilizing vacuum wellpoints, eductor/ejector wells, and deep wells.

Category: Sitework - Construction


U.S. Wick Drain, Inc.

Specializing in dynamic compaction and wick drain supply and installation.

Category: Sitework - Construction

American Drainage Systems

Vertical wick drain, drainage wicks, and horizontal strip drain specialty installation contractor for soil consolidation, site remediation, and ground improvement.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Varicore Technologies, Inc.

Offers an outdoor multi-flow drainage system made of a series of corrugated polyethylene pipes and wrapped in polypropylene.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Major Drilling Group International Inc.

Contract drilling company whose clients include both large and small mining companies.

Category: Sitework - Construction

New England Boring Contractors of CT, Inc.

Services include test boring, soil sampling, rock coring, well monitoring, rock pressure testing, and drilling.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Spradling, Inc.

Provides shallow well drilling contractor services throughout the Texas Panhandle.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Argentina Patagonia Drill

Provides services for mining and water well projects.

Category: Sitework - Construction
Location: Argentina

AK Drilling, Inc.

Provides water well drilling, minerals exploration, construction drilling, and environmental testing services in Montana and the Western U.S.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Avellino Well and Pump, Inc.

Ground water well drilling company. Serving New England.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Bradley Bros.

Specializes in core drilling and reverse circulation for mining and exploration industries.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Janod Contractors Incorporated

Specializes in rock and soil stabilization and rock remediation.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Miller the Driller

Providing directional drilling, horizontal earth boring and RCP pipe jacking.

Category: Sitework - Construction

National Services and Contracting (NSCC)

Specializes in horizontal directional drilling, foundation engineering, piling, rotary piling, jetties, and pipe rehabilitation.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Snyder Construction Co.

Services include boring, drilling, and tunneling.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Pacific Boring, Inc.

Providing horizontal drilling and pipe jacking services to the Western states.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Directional Drilling Contractors, LLC.

Offers directional drilling, measurement while drilling, gamma and gyro survey services, and down hole motor repair.

Category: Sitework - Construction

Suffolk Water Connections, Inc.

Underground utility construction company specializing in directional drilling and installing underground utilities, including water lines, conduit, and telecommunication lines.

Category: Sitework - Construction

United Kingdom Longbore

Provides horizontal drilling and power engineering applied to remediation wells and underground utilities installation.

Category: Sitework - Construction
Location: United Kingdom

Southeast Directional Drilling

Providing horizontal directional drilling services throughout the world.

Category: Sitework - Construction

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Construction - Sitework [ 81-100 of 711]