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Civil Industry News

Blue Grass Community Foundation initiative surveying \'food needs\'in Lex\'s East End -
Project coordinator, Jodie Koch, is surveying people attending events at the William Wells Brown Community Center and other locations. When the survey process is complete, program managers will create a Food Information Center website and offer ...

Hydro projects clear final hurdle before licensing - Manchester Journal

Manchester Journal
... when extensive geotechnical testing found significant foundation seepage issues which requires crucial repairs for its continued operation. Of note, dam safety is entirely in the provenance of the Corps of Engineers and is not up to Blue Heron. ...

Construction Spending in US Rises More Than Forecast - Bloomberg

Enlarge image Construction Spending in US Climbs Construction Spending in US Climbs Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg Customers purchase building materials at a Home Depot Inc. store in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (Corrects executive's title in final ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Detroit Free Press
The Tennessean

Hydro projects clear final hurdle before licensing - Brattleboro Reformer

Brattleboro Reformer
... when extensive geotechnical testing found significant foundation seepage issues which requires crucial repairs for its continued operation. Of note, dam safety is entirely in the provenance of the Corps of Engineers and is not up to Blue Heron. ...

Picton 2011 in a rear view mirror - Marlborough Express

Marlborough Express
Surveying blue cod stocks. Cleaning up flood debris from the Picton Foreshore New Year is always a time for reflection on the year that was and the year that is to come, writes Tania Butterfield. While she can't revisit everything that happened in 2011 ...

Blue Marble 3D

Tracing our roots to the early days of computer graphics, we at Blue Marble 3D have spent most of our lives participating in the computer graphics revolution. Whether it has been computer aided design, 3D rendering, computer animation, virtual reality or computer science, it is all part of our DNA, the genetic code of the team.

Photo Realistic 3D Rendering
Blue Marble 3D we can take your designs and turn them into stunning photo-realistic 3D renderings, panoramas, full-motion computer animations and interactive virtual reality simulations.

Clients such as McDonald's, Brunswick Lanes, Chick-fil-A, Ulta Beauty, GAP, Noodles & Co and Houlihan's have chosen us as their 3D rendering company.

Beyond 3D Rendering: Interactive Panoramas

A panorama is a 360-degree image that surrounds the viewer in all directions as if they were in a sphere. The panoramic 3D renderings we produce are a fully-rendered photo realistic image of a 3D model from a single vantage point.

As a viewer, you can look in any direction and even zoom-in on an area of the image. The advantage of a panorama over a still-image 3D rendering is its interactivity, the ability to look anywhere from your vantage point. Like a 3D rendering, panoramas are photo-realistic and have detailed lighting and shadows.

The Ultimate 3D Rendering: Virtual Reality
As a full service 3D rendering company, we offer Virtual Reality, an immersive and interactive 3D simulation of a product or environment. Typically, the viewer wears headgear or is inside an immersive 3D display system. From that vantage, you can thenview and manipulate 3D renderings of objects such as a prototype engine, or evenmove through and explore such environments as a proposed building or streetscape.

Amazing 3D Rendering Possibilities with State-of-the-Art Equipment

Blue Marble 3D has a variety of high-end VR hardware and software, laying the foundation for an amazing virtual experience for our clients.

For example the Icube at Blue Marble 3D is a 9-foot-square 4-projector (3-wall and a floor) fully-immersive stereoscopic 3D environment. With lightweight 3D glasses and a small handheld controller, your head position and motion is tracked as you look around your design.

Complementing the Icube experience is the EON Reality Ibench Mobile, a 24” 3D tabletop VR device. Using 3D glasses with motion tracking technology and a pen-based 3D stylus, the Ibench Mobile allows a model or plan to be viewed, manipulated and changed in real-time. Pen-based motion controls offer an intuitive means to twist and turn an object as needed.

The EON 3D Interactive Whiteboard display, a large rear-projection 3D display with whiteboard markup and interactive features linked to the Icube. This system allows clients to work both inside the Icube and also outside with the EON 3D Interactive Whiteboard, which is perfect for larger groups.

A Pioneering Firm that has helped shape the industry

We have never been satisfied to just watch the revolution, and we were the ones that bought the hardware, bought the latest software, built and programmed the machines. We experimented and we played. We have worked directly with the development team at NVIDIA in the US and Germany, participated in production testing of Academy award winning software mental ray and provided insight and input into the development of several key Autodesk programs.

As our client, you benefit from that entrepreneurial drive and the vast experience that only pioneers in the field can deliver.

Blue Marble 3D

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