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Civil Industry News

UTEP Engineering students win steel bridge competition - El Paso Times

El Paso Times
The event was sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Competing against eight other universities, the UTEP team took first place in four of six categories -- economy, efficiency, ...

Kansas Historical Society surveying water towers - McPherson Sentinel

McPherson Sentinel
The Florence water tower was built in the mid-1880s following a fire that destroyed four downtown buildings. The structure is one of four water towers in the state of Kansas listed on the National Register of Historic Places. ...

Chartered surveyors explain it all - Irish Times

Irish Times
What is a chartered surveyor? Real estate agents joined forces with the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) last year, and most agents can now be called chartered surveyors. But lots of us still don't know what surveyors do. ...

Kansas Historical Society surveying water towers - El Dorado Times

El Dorado Times
By Anonymous AP The Kansas Historical Society is looking for unusual water towers that might be considered important to history. Amanda Loughlin, survey coordinator, says the society is taking an informal survey to raise public awareness of unusual ...

Lake Ellsworth project engineers deliver surveying equipment -
British surveyors and engineers have begun their mission to drill into a vast lake beneath the Antarctic ice shelf that has been cut off from the outside since before modern humans even began to evolve. The advance team from the British Antarctic ...

British Dam Society

Exists to advance the education of the public and the profession in technical subjects. Includes publications, meetings and events, and student zone.

British Dam Society

Location: Sutton - United Kingdom   United Kingdom
Desc: The British Dam Society is an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers. It is open to anyone wanting to share experience or knowledge of all aspects of dams and reservoirs
British Dam Society - dams, people, the environment
Category: Dams - Structural Engineering
  Dam, Dams, British Dam Society, BDS, Reservoir, Reservoirs, Uk, Reservoir Safety, Environment, Enbankment, Flood, Spillway, Flood Storage, ICOLD, Institution Of Civil Engineers, Ice, Engineering, Supervising Engineer, Panel Engineer, UKCOLD
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British Dam Society Related

The British Land Reclamation Society: A multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary organisation concerned with the reclamation, rehabilitation and restoration of land, including contaminated, derelict and abandoned land from mineral working and former urban and industrial uses.

Heritage Society of British Columbia: Aims to conserve historic buildings and other heritage resources. Activities, advice on maintenance and conservation of historic buildings.

Dam Design: Features a range of information for undergraduate studies. Topics include loadings, geology, site investigations, and construction. Compiled by Andrew Graham at Durham University.

Parker Dam: Guide from Desert USA to the deepest dam in the world, built in the 1930s on the Colorado River. Includes history, photographs and visitor information.

Pensacola Dam: Provides a range of photographs and commentary on the history and construction of this 1938 dam located on the Grand river in Oklahoma.

The First Aswan Dam: Describes the work to preserve the momuments and archaeological sites prior to the inundation of Lower Nubia. Includes images from the collections of the Kelsey Museum.

Vajont Dam: On October 9 1963 a landslide caused the reservoir to over-top the dam. Lecture notes by Dave Petley.

Over the Dam Race: A range of details on the race across the largest concrete structure in North America.

Bowersock Dam: Illustrated history from the Bowersock Mills and Power Company.

Hoover Dam: Features a range of topics including the construction of the dam, how it works, a series of articles that explain the history, and a photograph gallery. From the Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region.

New Additions: Structural Engineering - Dams
United States Climate Control Requires a Dam at the Strait of Gibraltar

Article discusses the climate benefits of building a dam across the straits of Gibraltar. By R. G. Johnson, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota.

Category: Dams - Structural Engineering
Location: Washington - United States

United States Dam Design

Features a range of information for undergraduate studies. Topics include loadings, geology, site investigations, and construction. Compiled by Andrew Graham at Durham University.

Category: Dams - Structural Engineering
Location: Washington - United States

United States Dams

Illustrated project by Diana Biggs, on the social and environmental impacts of large dams. Includes case studies.

Category: Dams - Structural Engineering
Location: Washington - United States

Canada Dams and Development

Demonstrate how dams can be used by university teachers and students to explore topics in both environmental studies and development studies. Includes discussions, case studies of selected dam projects, and lists of references to assist ...

Category: Dams - Structural Engineering
Location: Halifax, NS B3H1K3 - Canada

United States Deltaworks

Includes the history of the 1953 flooding in The Netherlands and series of dams created to prevent this from happening again.

Category: Dams - Structural Engineering
Location: Washington - United States