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The Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification

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Initiation of New Building Construction to Promote Music and Communication - AZoBuild

Pedestrian safety and accessing vehicles to the building will also be facilitated through the green space. The facility anticipates initiating its construction during May, which will be processed through three years. However, the achievement of ...
Daily Northwestern

Building reuse study advances - The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe
A presentation made by the committee at the 2011 Town Meeting featured a handful of departmental relocation options and new building construction scenarios that the town would undertake over the next 10 to 15 years at costs of up to $15 million.

Be more responsive, engineers told - Manila Bulletin

Manila Bulletin
He recalled that in 1975, “our organization participated in the first international convention of civil engineers held in Manila with the theme: “Civil Engineering In Disaster Prevention Control.” “Thirty-six years since that convention, ...

Widow of engineer killed on Lowy\'s yacht sues - Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
Two years later, the helicopter lift was re-engineered - but the new German-built hydraulic system apparently had problems from the start. These came to a head in a horrific accident in February 2007, when the yacht's chief engineer Christiaan Johannes ...

EVERYDAY PEOPLE: Grabowski creates community one stitch at a time - Brainerd Daily Dispatch

Brainerd Daily Dispatch
By Sarah Nelson Katzenberger When Marina Grabowski graduated from college the plan was to pursue a career in civil engineering — the field she spent four years studying. Like many women, Grabowski took a hiatus from her career to start a family.

A Thousand Years of English Churches

The Churches Conservation Trust cares for over 325 Church of England churches no longer needed for parish use. Details of churches, events, publications, all in full version or text only.

A Thousand Years of English Churches

Location: Herndon - United States   United States
Desc: Churches Conservation Trust - Conserving England\'s historic churches through public and creative use
The Churches Conservation Trust is the leading body conserving England\'s most beautiful and historic churches which are no longer needed for regular worship. It promotes public enjoyment of these churches, and encourages their use as an educational and community resource.
Category: Religious - Building Types
  Churches, Conservation, Trust, Leading, Body, Conserving, Beautiful, Historic, Worship, Public, Enjoyment, Educational, Community, Resource, Donation, Charity, Visit, Events
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A Thousand Years of English Churches Related

Thais 4000 Years of Architecture: A photographic guide to Egyptian, Greek, Islamic and Romanesque architecture, indexed by localities, subjects and periods.

1200 Years of Italian Sculpture: Gothic: Architectural details predominate in this collection of photographs from Thais.

New York Skyscrapers - One Hundred Years of High-rises: A study of the NYC skyscraper, its history and styles, as well as related regulatory, technological, social and economical issues. Interactive location maps and skyscraper photography.

The Development of the English Castle: An illustrated history by David Dawson from Britannia.

English Country Houses: Britannia's collection of illustrated articles: regional studies and the histories of specific houses.

English Boiler and Tube, Inc.: Manufacturer of industrial and commercial water tube steam boilers and hot water generators. gas, oil or solid fuel fired boilers. Shop assembled or field erected.

English Heritage Buildings: Traditionally designed and manufactured English oak framed garages and outbuildings.

Valentour English Bodnar Howell: Architectural firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania providing services for healthcare, education, institutional, religious, technical research and corporate clients.

Medieval Wall Painting in the English Parish Church: An illustrated catalogue by Anne Marshall, Open University. Includes an introduction to the topic, bibliography, location list and access details.

Churches and Monasteries: Photos and information on structures in the Mecklenburg, Vorpommern region of Germany.

New Additions: Building Types - Religious
United States Mississippi Baptist Church

Mississippi Baptist Church is a directory of mississippi churches. MississippiBaptistChurch is owned and operated by Mississippi's very own Bro. Charlie Cooper, his wife, Rhonda Cooper and Stephen Maddaloni.

Category: Religious - Building Types
Location: Rienzi, Mississippi - United States

United States Center for Religious Architecture

A non-profit body which aims to provide a museum in Chicago for the study and teaching of the worldÔÇÖs religions through the use of models of religious architecture from around the world. Details of models ...

Category: Religious - Building Types
Location: Chicago - United States

United States Temple4Jerusalem

Architectural proposal for a floating temple over Mount Moriah, the dome of the rock in Jerusalem.

Category: Religious - Building Types
Location: St. Petersburg - United States

United States A/E Technologies, Inc.

Assisting pastors and boards to determine specific direction in long-term growth, designing of facility enlargements, and financing of their projects.

Category: Religious - Building Types
Location: Philadelphia - United States

United States Arks Inc.

Helping equip and support churches that are planning to build or relocate, to help them reduce the cost, risk and effort in building.

Category: Religious - Building Types
Location: Philadelphia - United States